STILL WATERS HEALING ARTS ~ Taoist Stone Medicine, Reiki & Certifications, Earth Based Practices, Custom Jewelry & Medicine Pieces ~ All Offerings (including Private Instruction for Meditation Sessions, Crystal Acupuncture, & Reiki are available at Still Waters Studio, Bhagini Yoga Studio, & The Chapel in beautiful Meadows of Dan, VA ~ Schedule a Complimentary Consultation @ 540.250.2530

“Shrouded in the mists of the VA Blue Ridge is a place called Buffalo Mountain,” according to Richard C. Davids, author of A Man Who Moved A Mountain. I am blessed to live by the sacred Buffalo in Floyd County, Va, and lovingly supported by the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains in Appalachia. Much of my intuition and healing insight has been developed while roaming creeks, ridges, and communing with our animal, plant, mineral, earth and heavenly allies. I truly believe if we ask for the medicine, listen deeply, and open our heart spaces, the Divine will offer healing in ways our ancestors cherished.  
 Still Waters offers Stone Medicine Sessions (In- Person & Distance), Reiki & Certifications, and original jewelry designs using traditional metalsmithing and stone setting techniques. Pieces incorporate gemstones, natural stones or fossils. In addition, I will work with any metal including platinum and gold. 

Along with creating heart centered creations, I also offer and teach energy healing in my studio and land. After having been gifted a Reiki session from close friends, I gave it a try. Although I had heard of this healing modality, I had not personally experienced it. My Energetic and Stone Healing journey has been one of profound and deep inner transformation. I have grown to experience personal freedom and expansion in ways I never thought possible. With consistent application and a desire to evolve, one may experience profound healing on every level. Stone Medicine, Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques address the physical, emotional, spiritual, and soul level aspects of an individuals well being. If you feel stuck and feel you have tried just about everything to overcome an issue, trauma, or situation in life OR simply feel it is time to try something different, please be in touch. I would love to further share my story with you and offer a safe space to witness your healing journey.

“Tried this for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Very relaxing and energizing at the same time. Plus Lynn is such a sweet person to work with.”  -Amy

“I had a very positive experience with Lynn doing Reiki. She is talented.”  - Nancy

“I had a Reiki session with Lynn. It was amazing and wonderful! Lynn is so kind and gentle, like a gentle Spring breeze. I'm on my way to a better healthier me thanks to Lynn. I will definitely see her again.” -Dorie

 “I will say that as one of Lynn’s clients, she is intuitively present during the practice. I felt very relaxed and more balanced afterward, more in touch with my own goodness! We all hold energies within, some to clear, some to shine. Lynn understands.”  - Peggy

“Love of nature, its wonderful smells, beautiful colors, along with the precious animals living around us, heals my heart more than anything I could possibly buy in a store or medication from a doctor. God has given you so much talent & passion. Don’t let that fade.”  -Drema 

“This lady is amazing and we surprised ourselves with each other's energy and being in tune with each other. The conversation & feedback afterward confirmed what I always believed about her. Lynn you are a spiritual and kindred soul. You will do well on the path you have chosen.”  -Susan


My passion for creating custom jewelry and energy work has been enhanced by studying an ancient lineage of Taoist Chinese Stone Medicine (Jade Purity-Upper Clarity). The work has evolved to include pieces that are infused with natural medicine. Working with the Stone/Mineral Kingdom allows us to heal soul level imbalances & identify root issues that must be addressed before allowing our true essence to become fully expressed. According to Sarah Thomas: “Stones & Minerals speak the language of the soul.” 
After experiencing deeply profound healing from my own life trauma, I am now honored to hold sacred space and facilitate soul healing for others. To me, there is no greater joy outside of witnessing the miracle of a fellow sojourner truly embody his/her soul radiance & rise in God given sovereignty. 

(“The Jade Purity lineage is a spin-off from a lineage known as the Shang Qing school. This school was developed by a Taoist Priestess named Lady Wei. In a vision, Lao Tze came to her and instructed her to develop this tradition. It would also be known as the School of Upper Clarity, which held that students would seek to become as clear as heaven. I love this pure yang image. It reminds me of clear quartz.” -Sarah Thomas)

I extend a deep bow to ALL of my teachers, mentors, life experiences, and individuals that have helped me learn and guided me with their unique abilities. With all my being, I give gratitude for the continual support from my personal Divine (Father/Mother God, the infinite heart of Christ Jesus), Heavenly Allies, Angels, Illuminated Ones, and all other Beings that express their presence as a mirrored reflection of the ONE.

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